Welcome to Kimba's World Kitchen

Hello and welcome to Kimba's World Kitchen. I will be taking you on my journey of cooking... of experimenting with flavors and creating food that is worth sharing with others. There will be some failures and some successes in my journey, but I hope to be able to share it all with you.

There will be tips on how to cook the perfect dish depending on your number of guests, the occasion, what you feel like eating today, the amount of time you have to prepare your meal, and a lot of other external factors which may affect your choice of dish.

I would also welcome you to feel free and contribute your own recipes, or recipes you have tried that is worth sharing. Please remember to give credits to the chef in charge of your contribution, whether it's YOU or the author of a cookbook you own, or just something fabulous you found on the internet! :)

Please email all contributions to kimbasworldkitchen@gmail.com

OK.. well I'm excited! Let's begin!


  1. please make sure your blog is gonna be a long term thingy coz I am so going to be your FIRST fans!!! I LOVE COOKING!!!

    I will share some recipe with ya soon!

  2. Aawww that's sweet! Thanks for the encouragement! Will definitely try my best to keep this up.. cooking is my passion too! :)