Quick Tour of Kimba's Kitchen

This is where all the action happens!
  • Few things to note: Bad hair day = camera shy Kimba :) 
  • The "sound" before I said "oops..." before u get any ideas.. it's the sound of the stool scraping the tiles when I pushed it back under the kitchen island!! :p
  • Spot the "recycling" corner ;)
  • Spot the leftover Sticky Date Pudding ;)
Hopefully next time when I've actually washed my hair in the morning, I will APPEAR to you and cook! 


  1. nice kitchen! perfect for a lot of cooking :D

  2. kim its been 10 years since we see each other n u sound so aussie already.lol..neway nice kitchen u have n i love ur kitchen island..wonder when i would have my own kitchen.neway kim keep up ur food blog..love ur recipe..

  3. Love the electric salt and pepper grinders!