Taco Bill & Rising Sun Hotel, South Melbourne

Hi everyone! My apologies for being so slack with my blogging. I have either not been cooking, or been eating out, or been invited to dinner at a friend's place, or just been cooking food I have already previously blogged about! To be honest, I got nothing right now too... hahahahahaaa but I just thought I should post some "food porn" in the mean time, to remind you that we foodies are always hungry no matter what. And just because I haven't been cooking anything new doesn't mean I have stopped eating (just in case any crazy person out there was wondering just that!)


My workmates and I have recently had lunch at Taco Bill @ Clarendon Street, South Melbourne. It is a Mexican restaurant and serves excellent Mexican food.

This was the "La Combinacion" which pretty much has everything. Other than the taco and enchilada and rice and beans, I won't know what else else to call these things, lol. But they were all delicious!!

My personal favorite is the "Beef Enchilada Grande" - I just don't know how you can go wrong with plenty of cheese and the saucy flavors of Mexican!

For something slightly different - the Beef Fajitas are served on a sizzling hot plate with soft tacos and basic filling of lettuce and rice to go with the beef.

THE RISING SUN HOTEL, Eastern Rd @ South Melbourne

Just around the corner from our office is a pub / restaurant which we would opt to go to whenever we feel like having a "pub" meal.

The entrees were rather impressive - very nicely presented.

The Chicken Parma was quite a generous portion. But unfortunately my colleague had an undercooked parma... raw chicken is bad.. really bad. The restaurant offered to replace the chicken parma with a new one but by then he already ate 3/4 of it and was very full... and the restaurant is "not licensed" for takeaway... so he got given a "raincheck" so the next time he comes in, his meal will be free. Not bad.. but still, raw chicken - BAD!

The Rising Sun Hotel also prides themselves for their steaks. They have various cuts of the day displayed in the meat keeper. I opted for the Rib Eye Steak with Garlic Butter, medium rare. It was fulfilling, but I didn't really quite like the fact that the steak was sooooo charcoal from grilling that it left a really strong, overpowering charcoal taste. I would've preferred it if it was just the right amount of black / crunch on the outside.. and a lot softer, and more tender, and juicy on the inside. Unfortunately my Medium Rare sort of went to Medium. Unfortunate but still quite a delicious steak.

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  1. You keep giving more and more reasons why I have to visit OZ! Lovely!