Crispy Deep Fried Whole Snapper with Lemon Chilli Sauce and Asian Salad

I absolutely LOVE eating a whole fish. Maybe it's an Asian thing, as most people will find eating a whole fish rather "disturbing" as that fish head stares at you. Maybe you have seen my previous blog posts "Dad's Assam Fish Head Curry" and "Fish Head Tom Yum Soup" - so you see I'm a huge fan of the fish head, lol. I find eating just a fish fillet rather unsatisfying... most people would probably think I'm crazy. Why would I want to deal with all those little fish bones and weird parts e.g. fins, eye ball, teeth, etc? Aaahhhh to me that is part of the fun :)

Anyway, I love this recipe for so many reasons:
  1. Deep fried fish makes a lot of the "weird" parts of the fish really nice and crispy therefore edible so you no longer need to spit those parts out of your mouth while eating it.
  2. This lemon sauce recipe is the same recipe I use for my Lemon Chicken (all the same ingredients except this one has chilli flakes and the Lemon Chicken Sauce doesn't). I probably should've blogged my Lemon Chicken recipe but forgot to take a photo.. maybe next time!
  3. The "Asian Salad" is really just a simple toss of 3 types of veggies / herb, but they work so well together in this dish!! Basically, everything in this dish gets cleaned off the plate (except the fish bones)... so I do hope if you decide to give this recipe a go, you will love it as much as I did!
1 whole snapper fish
Sea salt
Corn flour to coat
Vegetable oil for deep frying
2 tbsp corn flour (for sauce)
2 cups of water
3 tbsp lemon juice
4 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp chilli flakes
1/2 tsp yellow food coloring
1/2 cup continental parsley, roughly chopped
1 small carrot, finely shredded
1/2 cucumber, finely shredded

To make the sauce, mix 2 tbsp corn flour with 2 cups of cold water. Heat the mixture slowly on low heat until the sauce thickens. Add the lemon juice, sugar, chilli flakes and yellow food coloring and constantly stir until the sauce starts to simmer. Turn off heat and let the sauce rest.

Heat enough oil for deep frying in a wok. Using a paper towel, pat dry the snapper. Rub sea salt over the snapper and coat with corn flour. When oil is hot, deep dry the whole snapper until golden brown. Remove from oil and serve on platter. Pour lemon chilli sauce over the fish and garnish with the Asian salad mix (parsley, carrot and cucumber tossed together).

BONUS RECIPE: Jacket Potatoes with Butter, Light Sour Cream, Bacon Bits, Mushroom and Spring Onions

I've decided to throw in this really simple way to enjoy baked potatoes. Basically cover potato in foil and bake in 200 degrees in the oven for just over an hour. Remove potatoes from foil and cut in half. Potato should be soft and fluffy. Spread some butter on the potato, topped with light sour cream, and panfried bacon bits and mushrooms and chopped spring onions. A lovely treat!

New Baby Blog

I have started a new "baby" blog:

I'm sure I will find my "mojo" for food blogging again eventually, but in the mean time I'm having lots of fun documenting the progress of my pregnancy and capturing memories for my future bub to look back someday...

I have not forgotten to blog... :)

Hello people! I don't really know how many of you out there are actual regular readers of my blog... but if you are, thank you! I don't think I have blogged in the past two weeks.. oh wait, let me check my last post, yess.. June 13 and it's now July 1 so yes, I have slacked big time. I suppose life has taken over, and I've decided to take a bit of a "break" and enjoy my meals without stressing over aperture and shutter speed and lighting.. and now that I am getting more and more pregnant by the day, carrying a DSLR camera and bag just seems too much of a hassle these days.

BUT! I've got news to share - so here I am blogging! A non-blog post if that makes sense...

I'm going to KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA for a holiday on the 4th of August!! 34 more days to go... yippee!

Yayyy I am soooo excited. I actually bought my plane ticket more than a year ago while it was very cheap, but obviously I didn't know then that I was going to be pregnant. So I have been undecided about whether I should go or not, but just a week ago I've made the final decision to just GO! After all, I'll only be 5 months pregnant so it's OK to travel. It's only a 6-day trip so it's not too intense. I won't be flying to Kuching (my hometown) so my parents and sisters will join me in KL. As long as I plan my itinerary and make sure I get enough rest during the day, I should be fine! Plus, this will be my last trip to KL without a young child tagging along... so I should enjoy the freedom while I still can!

I am so excited, I have already planned my entire itinerary which roughly consists of the following:
  • An average of only 2-3 hours of shopping per day
  • At least 3 hours to take a nap / relax in the hotel swimming pool each day
  • Restaurants I will visit:
    • El Cerdo for Crispy Suckling Piglet
    (Photo from various bloggers)
    • Imbi Palace for Dim Sum
    • Levain for Hi Tea (macarons!)
    • Jalan Alor for Malaysian Street Food inc Ikan Bakar, Nasi Lemak, etc
    • Other randoms inc Chinese BBQ, Prawn Claypot Noodles, Bak Kut Teh, etc.
  • At least two nights just relaxing at the movies (at RM10 per movie ticket aka AUD 3 per ticket, how can I not?! Movie tickets in Australia is currently AUD 18. What a rip off in comparison)
  • A trip to the hair salon (again, soooo much cheaper in Malaysia compared to Australia!)
  • Karaoke with my girlfriends
So basically a majority of my trip would involve food. I will be staying in a hotel right in the heart of a busy shopping and restaurant precinct so I don't have to go very far at all! I suppose the only question I ask myself now would be... to DSLR or to not DSLR? I would really hate to carry a DSLR camera bag around in the hot and humid Malaysian weather... but if I don't, I might totally regret all the photo opportunities I could be missing out on! 34 days to decide... :)