New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, Sri Petaling

This is review #13 out of a 13-Part Food Blog Post Series from my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 4th - 9th August 2011 :)

I skipped blog post #12 not because I got lazy - I've decided the photos I had and the experience I didn't really have (e.g. I didn't really eat most of the food I took photos of, and the photos weren't that great as I took them clumsily and too quickly and they weren't even on MY plate - they were still on display at the quiet Malay food shops at The Mall) so I've decided not to post #12 for that very reason.

Also, today being the 31st of August - last day of the month - also Malaysia's Independence Day - I thought it would be a great idea to end my Malaysian Food Adventure Blog Series all within the same month of August (for archiving purposes) and celebrate "Merdeka!" aka Independence Day and the fact that I have successfully finished writing these blog posts which initially seemed like a neverending task!!

Task or no task, it was a fun task and I am so glad to end it on a really happy note with this last post!

Chicken Rice is one of my ultimate favorite Malaysian dishes. It is so simple (steamed chicken) and healthy yet so delicious! As soon as my cousin and I arrived at this restaurant just around the corner from her place, and I was presented with the menu, I started salivating and could not wait to dig in! This was going to be my last meal in Malaysia for a very long time, this dinner was just hours before I had to hop on a plane back to Melbourne! I had to savor every minute, every taste, every piece of chicken, every little grain of beautifully steamed chicken rice (the really good type, with the Hainanese smell and knowing it's been cooked with the flavors it rightfully should have!) and it was truly a bittersweet feeling. I was sad to leave Kuala Lumpur and all the yummy (and cheap) food it had to offer - but at the same time I was looking forward to going home to my husband :)

We started our meal with a plate of freshly cooked bean shoots aka "taugeh". The bean shoots were nice and fat, and crunchy, and beautifully cooked to retain its firmness without going too soggy. This simple dish cooked in light soy sauce, with some chilli and spring onions, is the perfect side dish (along with the plain soup) for the steamed chicken we're about to be served...

Mmm... and then came the Steamed Chicken. If I was ever going to go on a healthy diet and eat only steamed food - I can totally live off eating steamed chicken every day. The chicken is always beautifully cooked and the meat is soft and melts in your mouth. I admit I'm a huge fan of the chicken skin and bits of fat stuck to the meat - and yes I very much prefer the leg and thigh pieces of the chicken and not a big fan of breast meat.

Together, the dishes we've had so far seems to have made me fully content and satisfied and ready to hop on that plane back to Melbourne...

But wait! It seems Steamed Tilapia Fish was also on the menu and looking at the aquarium full of tilapia fish I wondered if this could be my last opportunity (for a long time, at least) to indulge in freshly steamed, freshly killed tilapia fish! There is something about this fish when steamed... it is the perfect fish to steam and we don't have this breed of fish in Australia, so even if it was only my cousin and I, just had to have it!

So we ordered the smallest Tilapia Fish in the aquarium and within 25 minutes or so, the fish has gone from swimming happily in the aquarium to our table ready to be devoured. I feel kind of bad for the little fishy, but nothing beats the taste of freshly steamed tilapia fish! The restaurant has done a fantastic job at steaming it perfectly, just until it's cooked, not overdone, so the meat is so soft and tender and you can still taste the freshness coming through the flavors. Of course, I went and finished the fish with its head - and it was just perfect! Soft textured and just so satisfying.

Now, my last meal in Malaysia is complete. I'm ready to hop on that plane back to Melbourne and knowing I won't be traveling back to Malaysia anytime soon with a newborn baby. Maybe when the baby is at least 2 years old - but then again, we never know if I will then be expecting our 2nd child, would we? So, it feels a little bit sad but it's not too bad knowing Melbourne has some great Malaysian restaurants to fix my occasional cravings if I ever get desperate. Plus, all the more reason to improve my Malaysian cooking and indulge at home!

I really do hope you've enjoyed reading my Malaysian Food Blog Series. Be sure to expect more Malaysian cooking goodness on my blog for sure! You can take the girl out of Malaysia, but you cannot take the Malaysian out of the girl... haha. Until next time!

Durian Buffet @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

This is review #11 out of a 13-Part Food Blog Post Series from my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 4th - 9th August 2011 :)

Bearing in mind that this was the same night I had a full dinner at Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh followed by supper at Jalan Imbi Chinese Hawker Stalls - you are probably wondering HOW that one eat so much, and HOW does one eat 3 times in one night aka 5th meal of the day?!!

The decision to drive 30 minutes to SS2 just for durians was of course a spontaneous decision. No way we could've planned to stuff our face this irresponsibly, haha. It was while we were having supper at the hawker stalls, and I was surrounded by family members who were just about as good as I am at the art of eating, that we decided "let's GO!". So irresponsible, so naughty and yet no regrets! Best decision ever!!

In case you were not familiar with the Durian aka King of all Fruits (in Asia, anyway) - it is an acquired taste. Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain once quoted the Durian's smell as“It smelled like you'd buried somebody holding a big wheel of Stilton in his arms, then dug him up a few weeks later.”

And again he went on to say "Your breath will smell as if you'd been french-kissing your dead grandmother." - Anthony Bourdain.

Aahhh... doesn't sound appealing at all, does it?! Yes, I do admit the durian has quite a horrendous smell. But, again I must stress it is an ACQUIRED taste and I happen to quite happily enjoy the stinky smell of durians and the taste itself! When presented with a good, in season, ripe and sweet durian - it is "to die for" and I couldn't get enough while I was at SS2! The durians were top-notch best quality durians I have ever had - and my dad agrees - and my cousins ate as much as I did, and we had a great time.

There are different types and breeds of durians - all which I cannot go in further detail to explain because I am no expect. The durian stall we went to has a website - so go check them out for more info.

Pricing wise - dirt cheap. RM 9 per person (approx. AUD 3) for all-you-can-eat "kampung" durians. We opted for the RM 15 per person (approx. AUD 5) for all-you-can-eat higher quality, tastier, juicier durians. It was so worth it. It was still very cheap. We could eat as many as we want! And we got to choose the better durians which were sweeter and yellower and juicier and just tastier in general!

I am having quite a difficult time trying to describe what a durian tastes like. The thing is, it is so unique you either love it or hate it. So I don't know if it makes any difference if I describe it or not. You just need to try it for yourself to decide if you like it.

If you are a first timer, definitely ask for the yellower and sweeter kind, they are more first-time friendly. The paler durians have a stronger bitter taste which even I myself don't fancy that much.

We left SS2 just after midnight. By then, all the durian stalls were winding down for the night. Just an hour ago when we arrived, it was still buzzing and full of people! Aahhh gotta love the late night eating culture in Malaysia.

Oh, and yes... there is a whole STREET of durian stalls. Selling just durians. Smelling like durians - you can smell from a few blocks away. It's incredible really. I love Malaysia :)

Jalan Imbi Chinese Hawker Stalls

This is review #10 out of a 13-Part Food Blog Post Series from my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 4th - 9th August 2011 :)

If you're out and about fairly late at night in Malaysia, do not be surprised that even when it's bedtime for most people - the hawker stalls are still very much active and people are still very much feasting on a supper after dinner. I love the atmosphere hawker food stalls offer. It smells amazing everywhere, its lights are shiny, the food on offer are almost always appealing and mostly naughty indulgences like fried chicken wings, grilled fish, grilled satay, even full on rice meals and noodles!

The Chinese Hawker Stalls at Jalan Imbi is just a group of individual food stalls that were set up at a parking lot after all the cars have gone home after work. When the sun goes down, the shiny stalls pop up. We will almost never, ever, find food stalls set up like this in Australia. It is probably considered unhygienic to be cooking out in the open and have food stored in massive containers and just placed on the ground.

 But the seemingly unhygienic environment and simplicity of these stalls are the main reason why this food experience is unique to Asian countries. In Australia, it will probably be too cold most days to go out and dine in an open outdoor area. You'll never have that problem in Malaysia (unless it rains) - as night time is the only time you get to go out and eat out in the open, when it's still warm but not ridiculously hot.

The chairs and tables are just fold out, cheap furniture - nothing fancy. Who cares if we're sitting on plastic stools and cheap plastic tables - they serve their function which is to allow us to sit and eat! So grab a table, and walk around and see what the food stalls have to offer... this, I find is the most difficult part of being out at hawker food areas. The choices and the decisions that need to be made! Most nights I would feel like eating everything. Some nights you go to the hawker stalls knowing exactly what you were after.

BBQ Chicken Wings

A popular "snack" for us would be the BBQ Chicken Wings - I believe all Asians love chicken wings. A lot of Aussies I know (my husband included) find chicken wings annoying because of all the bones. We love chicken wings - they are juicy and succulent and the bones are just part of the eating experience. Can't go wrong with chicken wings for supper at the hawker stalls!

Chicken and Pork Satay served with Peanut Sauce

Another popular choice as a snack would definitely be the Satay. Chicken Satay, Beef Satay, Pork Satay - served with a delicious peanut sauce and some chopped cucumber and onions - the Satay almost lures you in even if you didn't plan to have any - because it is almost impossible to resist the smell of satay cooking on the grill! The charcoal burnt delicious yummy smell and aroma lingers throughout the hawker area and you almost just NEED to order a few sticks of Satay to get it out of your system. I LOVE authentic Malaysian satay sold at hawker stalls - they are sooooo good and eating them together with friends and family on a night out under the clear skies of Malaysia with bright lights surrounding you just gives you that exciting atmosphere of enjoying great food with great company.

Char Kuay Teow

Onto the "heavier" meals - the Char Kuay Teow is another classic favorite. I am struggling to stop myself from drooling over these pictures... it has been 3 weeks since I've come back from Malaysia and I am suddenly craving for a fresh plate of Char Kuay Teow. Straight off the hot wok at the hawker stalls to my table to my mouth into my belly!!! Aaarrrggghhhh I don't know what to say anymore - it is AWESOME okay?!!

Yong Tau Foo aka Stuffed Bean Curd
Char Siu Pork Rice

Other "heavier" meals include the Yong Tau Foo and Pork Rice and Chicken Rice and Asam Laksa and Mee Goreng and basically anything else noodle-based or rice-based. There is just so much to choose from when you go to a good hawker stall area and Jalan Imbi despite its convenience and tourist location offers everything a local hawker stall should offer. Really nice one! Go check it out if you are ever in the area or put it on your "To Go" list if you are planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur and staying in the Golden Triangle / Bukit Bintang area.

My job here is done, at least for today. So hungry just from writing this post! Gonna go get me some Char Kuay Teow now from the closest Malaysian restaurant I can find in Melbourne! (Ping Omah's, Kotaraya, Lim's Nyonya Hut, Chillipadi Mamak, Rasa Malaysian, Secret Recipe, Nasi Lemak House...)

Restoran Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh

This is review #9 out of a 13-Part Food Blog Post Series from my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 4th - 9th August 2011 :)

My trip to this restaurant was completely unplanned and wasn't listed at all in my initial itinerary - all thanks to the kind parents of my youngest sister's boy whom picked us up from our hotels and took us to this delightful dinner treat! Sometimes the best things are the spontaneous ones!

Restoran Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh was just around the corner too, so we didn't have to go very far at all. It was situated right in the middle of "Medan Imbi" where a lot of restaurants and shops are located in the Bukit Bintang area. It had a very local "feel" to it - like a kopitiam but more restaurant styled compared to individual stalls. In Malaysia, these restaurants are quite common - and most of the time you'll actually find the best local cuisines are sold in these type of restaurants. You're not quite eating in the streets - but you're not quite dining in luxury either. It is a true Malaysian local restaurant experience :)

Special Tasty Sugar Cane
To start off with drinks, I ordered the "Special Tasty Sugar Cane" drink which surprisingly had a lot of floating things in it. I wasn't sure what they were (except for the carrot) but I am guessing those "floating things" were meant to enhance the natural flavors of the sugar cane juice? I'm not sure... nevertheless it was a delicious and refreshing drink so I ended up ordering a second one!

Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh is a popular Chinese soup directly translated as "Meat Bone Tea" and, at its simplest, consists of meaty pork ribs simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spices (including star anise, cinnamon, cloves, dang gui, fennel seeds and garlic) for hours. However, additional ingredients may include offal, varieties of mushroom, choy sum, and pieces of dried tofu or fried tofu puffs. Additional Chinese herbs may include yu zhu (rhizome of Solomon's Seal) and ju zhi (buckthorn fruit), which give the soup a sweeter, slightly stronger flavor. Light and dark soy sauce are also added to the soup during cooking, with varying amounts depending on the variant. Garnishings include chopped coriander or green onions and a sprinkling of fried shallots. Bak Kut Teh is generally served with steamed white rice. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Bak Kut Teh was absolutely spot on. The soup itself had all the flavors of the various herbs and it tasted perfectly authentic like any good Bak Kut Teh should taste. The restaurant staff were also pretty generous to continue to supply us with free top-ups of the Bak Kut Teh soup as we ran out. The meat (in this case mostly Pork Belly) was soft and succulent and have absorbed all the wonderful flavors of the soup. It was so yummy!!

Dry Bak Kut Teh

The Dry Bak Kut Teh is something I don't usually have - but all it means is that you get all the meat without the soup and the flavors are a lot more intense and more of the soy sauce flavors are dominating in this version of the dish. I wasn't the biggest fan (I prefer BKT with soup!) but as a different type of dish not to be compared to the original BKT at all, it was a delicious dish on its own. Just very different.

Pig's Tripe in Pepper Soup

It requires me to be in a special mood to indulge in this Pig's Tripe in Pepper Soup dish. The pepper soup itself could get pretty intense (very peppery!) and the thought of eating pig's tripe don't always appeal to me. Not a huge fan of a pig's "spare parts" although I must admit I am not completely put off by it. After all, I'd happily eat parts of a pig's head on a BBQ! So in this case, because I had other options for food to fill my belly - I decided to skip this dish and let the "older folks" enjoy it. Hehe.

Steamed Lala (Clams)

Again, surprisingly I decided not to even try this dish. Perhaps I was too busy eating Bak Kut Teh to really pay attention to this dish. I also just didn't feel like having shelled seafood. Hey, I'm pregnant - I eat whatever I feel like eating and at that point in time I didn't feel like having steamed lala. It looks really good now though, feeling quite hungry right now and would kill to have a bowl of steamed lala right in front of me!

Bean Curd with Minced Pork and Spring Onions

I love soft bean curd (tofu) especially cooked in oyster sauce with minced pork and spring onions so I was more than happy to indulge in this dish. By then, the BKT was quickly disappearing already anyway so I had time to move on to other dishes, haha! The tofu was delicately soft like custard and the minced pork and spring onions in the sauce was spot on. Absolutely delightful! Again wishing I have this dish sitting right in front of me right now...

Time for some simple stir fried green veggies to balance out the non-green dishes on the table. Fairly standard, nothing too fancy. Greens never really need to be overly fancy anyway as the natural flavors of the vegetables need to be retained in order to keep the nutrients in.


Finally, here comes my special highlight of the evening - the STEAMED FISH HEAD / TILAPIA FISH WITH GINGER!! Sorry if I sound over excited, but you know how excited I get over fish head. This particular steamed fish head is my first steamed fish head dish throughout my entire trip to Malaysia too - so I couldn't contain my excitement. Digging in, my taste buds took over and I was so very satisfied with what I can taste!

Tilapia fish is a locally farmed fresh water fish - so no way can I get this fish in Australia (not fresh anyway). It was perfectly steamed, beautifully soft and melts in your mouth. The sauce itself had a nice ginger flavor to it added with a slight saltiness of the light soy sauce and a hint of sweetness to balance it all. Again, I must stress on the absolute softness of the fish texture! I need to learn how to steam fish like this. I also need to farm fresh tilapia fish in my backyard!

To end my post and gross most of you out, I thought a picture of the delicious, gooey, ENORMOUS fish eye the size of a spoon (also shows you how big the steamed fish head really was) would be appropriate. Aahhh my favorite part of the fish head - as if the fish head itself is not gross enough for most of you! Hehe.

Restoran Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh (新峰肉骨茶)
35, 37 & 39, Medan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel:   03 2141 4064 
Fax : 03 2144 8864
Business hours : 5.00am to 12.00am (midnight) daily

Dim Sum @ Imbi Palace Restaurant

This is review #8 out of a 13-Part Food Blog Post Series from my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 4th - 9th August 2011 :)

Imbi Palace Restaurant wasn't too far from our hotel, but it was an exceptionally hot and humid day and I was all dressed up and really didn't feel like getting drenched in sweat just from walking 5-10 minutes. So yes, we got a cab to drive us there... it only costed us RM5 (which is approx. AUD 1.50) so why not? Hehe.

It was lovely indeed to only be outside for a few seconds before entering this beautiful and somewhat luxurious looking restaurant. We got there pretty early - the restaurant only opened at 11.30am and I think we got there just before 12pm so just before the lunch hour rush. The restaurant was very spacious and even had a stage - so I'm guessing this was also a popular venue for wedding receptions.

A sweet and spicy tofu appetizer

We were promptly served and presented with the menu and a little tofu appetizer thing which was quite tasty. This place was slightly different from the usual Dim Sum / Yum Cha restaurants because they didn't have trolleys of food roaming around the restaurant for you to grab whatever looks good at the time, instead we were given a full menu of all their dim sum dishes available and we just ticked the ones we want. Hhmmm... not leaving much room for impulse eating I say!

The Menu
BBQ Pork "Chee Cheong Fun" aka Steamed Rice Paper Rolls - RM 8.50
The BBQ Pork Chee Cheong Fun I thought was pretty average. It didn't blow my mind or anything, and the portion was actually quite small compared to some other Yum Cha places I've had in Melbourne. For the price (in Malaysian ringgit from a local's perspective - not converting to AUD!) I expected more. It was still tasty nevertheless - just felt a bit ripped off.

Steamed Dumpling with Prawn - RM 6.80
If you ever plan to visit Imbi Palace Restaurant, do not confuse the "Steamed Dumpling with Prawn" with the "Steamed Prawn Dumpling"! So deceiving! I was expecting "Har Gao" which turned out to be the Steamed Prawn Dumpling but due to a technical error of ordering the Steamed Dumpling with Prawn - we ended up with this weird looking dumpling that looks nothing like Har Gao, the true Prawn Dumpling. Instead of having the entire dumpling filled with a nice big chunky prawn, this dumpling only had little bits of prawns in amongst other things like chopped spring onions, mushroom and some minced meat. Quite disappointing and the dumpling didn't taste all that spectacular either.

Special "Siew Mai" - RM 7.30
Also, do not think ordering the "Special" Siew Mai would mean getting three little upgraded Siew Mais - it literally comes out as something completely different. I wanted Siew Mai! You know, the beautiful little dim sims made of soft minced pork and whatever else they put it in to taste delightfully delicious - and I thought ordering the "Special" version would mean maybe they are bigger and have more flavour - an improved version, not a completely different version that looks like it's mean to be just a serving for one person. Although in the end, after getting over my "shock" of not seeing actual Siew Mais on the table - we shared this dish and got a little taste of something. Again, it wasn't spectacular. Just some steamed meat. Geez I am yet to be impressed what is going on?!!

Steamed Egg Yolk Soft Cake - RM 5.80
Then my sister ordered one of her favorite dishes - the Steamed Egg York Soft Cake. Now THIS was a pleasant surprise! I've never had this before so didn't know what to expect. I actually really, really liked this one! We actually ended up ordering another serve but they never brought it to our table so we thought we'd just let it go - see?? They could've sold us so much more food if they actually presented the food in trolleys and tempted us constantly, because we were so in the mood to eat and money wasn't an issue when you're spending AUD - but noooo they decided menu is the way to go and even when we ordered extra, things never arrived. Their loss!!

Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce - RM 5.80
Then came my favorite Dim Sum / Yum Cha dish of all time - Chicken Feet!! I was so excited I ordered 2 serves of the chicken feet. Unfortunately the flavors of this dish was a let down! Although the chicken feet was cooked perfectly - as in it had the right texture, the SAUCE was a disgrace. I mean, who makes almost tomato / chilli flavored Black Bean Sauce? Why did it come out red? It should so be a lot darker and browner. It just seems like all I could taste was Sweet and Sour Chicken Feet, not Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce. Argghhh... geram.

Steamed Chicken Glutinous Rice - RM 8.00
Just to throw something different in the mix, and hoping for something that would fill us up - I thought the Steamed Chicken Glutinous Rice sounded very appealing. I love glutinous rice and what we got on our table looked like an open "bak zhang" so I was very happy. It tasted pretty good too (thank goodness!) so I cannot complain about this one.

Fried Chicken Wings with Prawn Paste - RM 8.50
And finally, some deep fried goodness to end on a semi-decent note. The fried chicken wings were pretty regular, you can't really go wrong with fried chicken wings and these were nice and crispy and had some flavor in it although I doubt the chicken's actually been marinated properly before they were deep fried. The flour used for deep frying was OK, nothing amazing but it was okay.

Overall, this restaurant in Malaysian money standards is basically quite expensive and offers food that doesn't match up to its price. We are probably paying for its location and nice interior and the many waiters / waitresses they hire to serve the many customers they anticipate during peak meal hours. I was glad to walk away with a full tummy, but my taste buds weren't actually blown away. I am sure we can do better elsewhere, but again due to location and convenience it was fine for a satisfying brunch.

Address & Contact Details:
Imbi Palace Restaurant SDn Bhd
No. 8 Jalan Barat
Off Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2145 4822
Fax: +603-2143 3295

Levain Boulangerie and Patisserie

This is review #7 out of a 13-Part Food Blog Post Series from my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 4th - 9th August 2011 :)

While I was in Malaysia, I didn't just catch up with my family but also with friends who were living in KL. On a Sunday afternoon we decided to meet up at Levain for "brunch" - although in all fairness I just ate two bowls of Kolo Mee for breakfast on the same day - so I wasn't very hungry at all!

Levain was CRAZY packed! There were people everywhere and the queues were massive and seemingly never ending. It was massive when I got there, and it was massive when I left. This is really strange - why would Malaysians want to spend their Sunday afternoon eating pastries and cakes and pasta? :p

Oh yeahh... I forgot the whole "take for granted" factor. Of COURSE Malaysians love to indulge in something more Western on a special Sunday instead of heading off to their usual kopitiams. If I was still living in Malaysia, I supposed I would too!

Photo by Cheryl Chu. Beef Aglio Olio and I quote Cheryl's feedback: "I can say that it’s better than Ben’s Seafood Aglio Olio @ Pavilion. I’ll give this a 3.5/5"
Photo by Amy Lim.

Levain offers an impressive selection of pasta during the day. It's actually quite comparable to any other Italian restaurants you may find in Melbourne. The best thing about this place is you not only get to order hot pasta meals but also be able to indulge in delicious pastries and desserts!

I knew the moment we decided to meet up here that I was going to try their macarons. My tummy didn't have much room for anything else on that day anyway, so macarons were all I ordered.

It was so difficult choosing what flavors to try - so I just asked for one of each. No, I didn't eat them all myself... there were at least 10 other people on my table to share the macarons around! :p

In terms of flavors, the macarons were your usual sweet macarons you'd get in any other patisserie that sells good macarons. Texture was spot on, crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside, crumbles as soon as you bite into it. I suppose they're very much comparable to the macarons I had from Zumbo - only these macarons were sooooo much cheaper when you convert the Malaysian Ringgit to Australian Dollar!

I didn't get to try anything else (again, my apologies I was SO full!) so here are some photos of what was on offer at the bakery section:

Had an Iced Chocolate to go with my macarons and tasted some of the chocolate desserts my sister ordered and everything was just a delightful sweet treat. Not much to complain, not much to rave about either. Levain is just a pleasant place (but very busy!) to meet up with friends or family and have a wide range of pasta, pastries, and desserts to choose from.

Sorry for the semi "blah" review - quite hard to really do a good review when the focus of this outing was more to catch up with people rather than to actually taste and pay close attention to the food - plus I was FULL! I hope the photos did most of the talking :)

Levain Boulangerie-Patisserie
No. 7, Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: +603 2142 6611
Monday to Sunday 7.30am - 9pm