Eighty One Fine Food & Wine, Berwick

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A couple of nights ago, to celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary, hubby and I went to Eighty One in Berwick for a lovely dinner just the two of us. Don't get me wrong, I love going out to eat as a family with our little 1 year old boy Micah, but it is a completely different experience altogether with a child. This was a special night, I was going out on a hot date with my husband and it was our wedding anniversary, so no children please!

One of the entrees we had was the House Cured Salmon Gravlax Salad with quinoa, celery leaves, orange, fennel and olive oil caviar. It definitely was packed full of flavour and I do love a good salmon dish. It was refreshing yet fulfilling at the same time, and I just love how all the components of this dish worked really well together to create a complete appetizer. Also bonus points for the presentation of this dish, pretty as a picture! (Apologies that the photos are not as vibrant as my photos usually are, we were seated in a dark romantic corner of the restaurant with very little to none natural light!)

Also as our entree from the tapas menu, the Wagyu Brisket Fingers with Japanese soy mayo. The wagyu beef inside was very, very tender but it somehow has lost all of its juiciness. Still very tender, but I would've liked it to be slightly more moist and juicy especially since it was cooked again covered in that crunchy crumb. It was a good dish, but I found it a bit too salty for my liking and would've prefered a spicy or tangy sauce to go with it, not the mayo. The mayo actually probably made the dish seem slightly sickening. It needed a fresher accompaniment for me to fully enjoy it.

For the mains, hubby ordered one of the specials for the day - Pan Fried Hapuka in Artichoke Cream Sauce served with Parmesan Gnocchi. The fish had a very distinct flavour to it, and the sauce we weren't quite used to, but the gnocchi was delicious and soft and fluffy.

I of course couldn't go past the Otway Pork Belly on roasted celeriac with a freekeh, snowpea, fennel and pomegranite salad. I love pork! The pork was extremely juicy and tender, just the way I like it. I would've liked the crackling to be a lot better, but it was still surprisingly crunchy despite the way it looks in the photo. Love, love love the salad, it is a great combination and I might steal the idea! The roasted mashed celeriac was also very good, smooth and delicious. I was very happy with my main, although by the end of it I got so full I couldn't even finish it! It was very unlike me to not finish my meal, especially a PORK dish, but I truly struggled by the end of it!

We struggled so much at the end, we decided to cancel one of the desserts we pre-ordered and just share the Summer Fruit Meringue with mango jelly, poached pineapple, seasonal fruits and lychee passionfruit syrup. The meringue itself was a disappointment. It wasn't that slight crunch on the surface and soft and fluffy on the inside meringue I was expecting. Instead, it was rock hard. No kidding. Rock hard. It was like trying to cut through a hard lolly. Very disappointing. Once we managed to cut through it though, it melted in our mouths and delivered its beautiful sugary flavours which complimented well with the jelly, syrup and beautiful fresh fruits. It was a great dessert to finish off with when we were that full, it went down really easy and we did not struggle to finish this together at all (other than the cracking of the meringue, lol).

Overall, we were pretty happy but not sure if we will actually come back. To be honest, I find the menu rather limited. Whilst the dishes were great and I enjoyed most of them, none of them really stood out and they were not outstanding to a point where I wouldn't stop raving about them. It was a pleasant night out, no doubt. The service was friendly and prompt, and the environment was intimate and romantic while still maintaining a slightly casual atmosphere.

Review: Nescafe Dolce Gusto GENIO Coffee Machine

Christmas has arrived early for me this year! When I received an invitation to receive and review the newly launched Nescafe Dolce Gusto GENIO Coffee Machine, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Why is this coffee machine different to all the others already in the market? Well, to begin with it is Australia's first Hot and Cold coffee machine. Yep, this baby makes both Hot and Cold beverages! Perfect as we head into what I expect to be another hot, hot summer!

I have decided the best way for me to structure this review (and to make it easier for my readers to get the whole gist of it in one glance) is to just jump straight to the point and list its Benefits and Some Disadvantages... so here we go:

·        Easy to Use – coffee machines have always intimidated me. They always seem so complicated to operate. Nescafe Dolce Gusto is very easy to use, simply insert capsule, scroll to the desired / recommended level and press the Hot or Cold button! Refilling the water is easy too, with a 600ml water tank located just at the rear of the machine.
·        Small – does not take up too much space in your kitchen. You can take it with you when you go on a family holiday, camping, etc!
·        Fast – heats up water almost instantly. Takes less than 30 seconds to make a cup of coffee.
·        Convenient – barely needs any cleaning. Hardly any splashback to wipe up, and the capsules are pierced very neatly, very tiny hole.
·        Convenient (2) – no need to manually froth milk. Just press a button!
·        Makes delicious coffee.
·        Makes amazing hot chocolate.
·        Makes both Hot and Cold beverages.
·        A lot of flavours to choose from. You will never be bored!
·        Stylish accessories – I have a weird desire to constantly fill my gorgeous red capsule holder. It just seems weird to see it empty and it gives me this weird sense of satisfaction seeing it full of capsules! It has become a weird obsession... very addictive. Probably not a good thing but it makes me happy, haha!

Some Disadvantages:
·       You are locked in to Nescafe and their capsules. If you happen to not like their coffee, then the machine is useless! Thankfully I love them.
·        Capsules are not the cheapest when it comes to home brewed coffee. Normal boxes cost $7.99 online, or $8.68 at Coles. These boxes have 16 capsules in them, BUT some will only make 8 cups because you need the coffee capsule + milk capsule. If you get the Café Au Lait they will make 16 cups of good quality coffee with milk already pre-mixed in the capsule… so that’s $0.50 per cup. An espresso or any other black coffee will also be $0.50 per cup. Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate etc will cost $1.00 per cup which requires 2 capsules – the coffee or chocolate + milk capsules.
      (The capsules are currently ON SALE at Coles as an “Introductory Offer” for only $6.40 per box… which makes each cup quite cheap. Grab them quick!!)
o      To put into perspective, we used to drink the pre-mixed Cappucino sachets from Nescafe. They cost $0.50 per cup anyway.
o       I’m not entirely sure how much roasted coffee beans for larger coffee machines cost, so I can’t comment on that. Maybe one of my readers can help? Also don’t forget there will be cost of fresh milk on top of that.
o       If you want coffee any cheaper, I’m afraid you are stuck with bad instant coffee. I cannot imagine ever going back to instant coffee, so I think GENIO is here to stay. I get cafe quality coffee at home (a lot cheaper than coffee from cafes), I cannot complain!

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto website has all the information you need plus some very cool interactive flash demonstration videos you should check out. Click here.

Progressive Dinner @ WTC Wharf, Melbourne

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Progressive dinners are always a lot of fun, and I’m sure most of us would be quite familiar with the concept of progressive dinners organized with friends (especially friends who all live within minutes from each other) – whereby we go from house to house for a complete dinner party so each host only needs to prepare one or two dishes instead of putting up the entire spread for the night. This way, everyone gets a chance to entertain as hosts and be entertained as guests.

In the restaurant world, progressive dinners are a great way to sample multiple restaurants and their specialties all in one night. It is also a fun experience best shared with a group of friends, the more people the more food you can sample!

A couple of weeks ago, myself and five other food bloggers were given the opportunity to go on a Progressive Dinner at WTC Wharf in Melbourne. WTC Wharf is located conveniently across the river from Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, and is Melbourne’s first absolute wharf edge dining precinct. It is easily accessible, especially via the new footbridge linkage from Spencer St around Crowne Plaza. WTC Wharf is also accessible by water – the WTC Water Taxi service has been integrated for an unprecedented true waterfront dining experience.

Our first stop for our Progressive Dinner was Byblos Bar & Restaurant. Byblos is renowned for its audacious take on traditional Lebanese cuisine. Known for its unique offering of imaginative Mediterranean cuisine, combined with lavish hospitality, luxurious surroundings, and a world-class drink selection, Byblos is the perfect destination for celebratory cocktails, special events as well as regular dining.

Dishes called “Mezat”, we were treated to an amazing spread - a selection of Byblos’ best scrumptious shared plates – and we were supposed to be here just for Entrees! 

Firstly, the Batata Harra – a delicious serving of hand cut potatoes sautéed in lemon, olive oil, chopped coriander, garlic and a hint of chilli. This was one of the more popular dishes amongst our group, we all loved these little potatoes and just how flavoursome they were. It was fried to a point of slight crispiness on the outside and the potatoes remained soft and fluffy on the inside. Personally, it tasted just that little bit too salty for my liking, but it was still delicious nevertheless.

The Grilled Halloumi – lightly grilled Cyprian halloumi (semi-soft cheese) served golden brown and accompanied by fresh lemon. A clever food blogger told us all that we should really start eating these first while it’s still warm and the cheese is still deliciously melting. What a clever cookie! I have always said cheese just seems to taste better melted / warm… and this was no exception. It is actually quite a common dish, and technically nothing is really special about it, but it is a great dish and serves as a fantastic appetizer.

I haven’t had Quail in ages, so when they brought out roasted quail marinated in pomegranate molasses and served with eggplant and yoghurt, I let out a little squeal (hopefully no one else heard it, haha). The quail was cooked just right, the meat was still a little bit pink on the inside, and melts in your mouth, and the delicious smoky flavours from the grill just complimented the more refreshing accompaniments of the yoghurt. Not a big fan of eggplant so I skipped tasting that bit, hehe. LOTS to eat! Why waste stomach space on food I don’t really like anyway.

Off this platter, I first tasted the Rekakat – lightly fried filo pastry filled with feta and mozzarella cheese, freshly chopped onion and fresh herbs. I didn’t mind it – like I said, I’m a big fan of cooked / warm / melted cheese so it was really nice to bite into a crispy crumbly pastry to find soft warm cheese on the inside. Then I tried the Kebbi – hand rolled roasted ground lamb and ground beef with pine nuts, chili and traditional spices. Really not a big fan, it was just way too dry although it did have really dominant flavours from the spices. This just goes to show texture is everything when it comes to food! The meat really needed to be moist, but it wasn’t. Oh well.


The Trio of Dips arrived with some delicious pita breads, but of course we had to pace ourselves so skipped most of the carbs. I used the dips on the Grilled Lamb Skewers instead, and they were so yummy. The trio of dips comes with hommus, baba ghanouj and labneh, and the Mixed Grill Platter arrived with Chicken Skewers and Lamb Skewers, and an outstanding sauce just made out of yoghurt, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. I was a huge fan of the Lamb Skewers, they were so tender and I have to admit I ate lots of lamb, but the Chicken Skewers paled in comparison. Firstly, they used chicken breast and I really don’t like chicken breast (unless it has been cooked perfectly to still retain its moisture) but those chicken skewers were just way too dry. What a shame.

This review seems to go on forever and we are still at Byblos enjoying our entrée! The last dish was the ever amazing Fattoush – a light mixed green salad with radish, tomato and cucumber, finished with toasted Lebanese bread and a bold lemon and olive oil dressing.  This salad was so refreshing in the midst of all the other foods we had. I especially love the crispy toasted Lebanese bread on top; I ended up nibbling on those things after we were finished eating and dipping them in leftover dips. Yummo!

After sitting down to let our food rest in our tummies and a short walk to our next restaurant next door, we were ready for our mains @ Kobe Jones Riverside Teppanyaki. Kobe Jones combines modern Japanese cuisine with a Californian twist – apparently “Japanese like you’ve never had before”.

Riverside Teppanyaki has the newest and largest teppanyaki table in Australia, featuring 19 cooking stations and seating for up to 44 people. Riverside Teppanyaki cook in a traditional Japanese teppanyaki style, and part of the allure is to watch the chef’s knife and cooking skills while your meal is being expertly prepared. Riverside Teppanyaki offers Chef’s Specials, various teppanyaki set options as well as a la carte option, to ensure you get the very best of teppanyaki dining.

Unfortunately when we arrived at Kobe Jones, there was a minor complication with regards to our booking so we had to wait around for a little bit. While we were waiting for things to be sorted out, we were treated with some tea and fresh oysters with spring onion and Ponzu sauce. Now that’s what I call customer service!!

Not long after, we were back in business and seated promptly. We were served with a Hot Mushroom salad while ordering our drinks and deciding our mains.

For our mains, we had the choice of Beef or Salmon, or both. I of course opted for both! When our mains arrived, I tucked into the salmon first and oh my goodness it was amazing! The salmon was cooked just so perfectly that it is still so deliciously soft and tender and full of its natural flavours. That is exactly how salmon should be cooked at all times (and I have to admit I don’t always accomplish that perfection when I cook salmon at home) but to me, it was perfection.

The poor beef fillets will have to cop my intense criticism now, especially when compared to those amazing salmon fillets. The beef cuts I felt wasn’t the right cut, and it was really tough and dry and slightly chewy, and there was just nothing great about the beef. So disappointing. The plate would’ve been perfect if the beef was deliciously tender as well, preferably medium rare, more towards rare. But it was cooked Medium Well Done, and there was barely any pink left, and we thought even if it was cooked Medium Rare it probably wouldn’t have been tender anyway because they used the wrong cut of beef. Bring me some Wagyu and I will love you forever Kobe Jones!!

Now, writing this post, I really wish I had some more of that salmon dipped in the delicious Miso Citrus sauce… would so make my day right now!!

Moving on, our dessert destination was The Wharf Hotel – a unique combination of a friendly local pub with stunning river views, waterfront ambience, indoor and outdoor areas and an elegant dining area which offers quality dishes available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We were served with two choices of dessert, which most of us ended up sharing so we can taste a bit of each. I had the Sticky Date Pudding first of course, as it has always been a classic favorite dessert of mine. It was not bad, although I have always preferred my sticky date pudding a lot “stickier” and the cake a lot denser and rich. The other bloggers disagreed with me and loved the fact that the cake was “light and fluffy”. If I wanted light and fluffy I would eat a sponge cake, haha. It was still a pretty good dessert though, and the sauce was delicious, and the ice cream that came with it was creamy and had great cinnamon-ish flavours.

Then I had a bit of Apple Pie, again it wasn’t bad. The pie was nice and warm and the apples were at the right ripeness and tasted sweet and I really like the pastry and creamy sauce that came with it. The ice cream was the same as the one served with the Sticky Date Pudding so that was good.

Basically, the desserts served at The Wharf Hotel were homey and familiar. We weren’t expecting anything spectacular, after all it was a pub, but the portions were definitely generous and the desserts were of good restaurant quality.

The Wharf Hotel was also the perfect place to end the Progressive Dinner, it was already happening with some great music pumping in the next room and a decent crowd having drinks at the bar getting ready to party the night away. It would’ve been cool to end the dinner with a few more drinks and maybe a dance or two, hehe.

To find out more or to book your Progressive Dinner at WTC Wharf, go to this page. Progressive Dinners are available for booking every Thursday nights and Monday nights are now available too in November and December.

GIVEAWAY: No sponsored blog post seems complete these days without a giveaway, so I have a giveaway yet again for all you wonderful readers!! Thanks to the folks at WTC Wharf, I have a $100 WTC precinct voucher for any restaurant. To win this voucher, simply leave a comment on this post and answer this question:

“If you were to go to the WTC Wharf which restaurant would you go to?”

Please submit your entries by the 16 November 2012. Don’t forget to leave a contact detail e.g. email address or Twitter name. The winner will be contacted and announced on the 17 November 2012. Terms and Conditions apply.

WTC Wharf
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Siddeley Street
Melbourne 3005

Kitchen Inn: Sarawak Food in Melbourne!

As many of you know, I am originally from Kuching, Sarawak in Malaysia. I have lived in Melbourne for almost 7 years and have been a food blogger for 2.5 years. During these many years, I have NEVER had Kolo Mee in Melbourne (unless I can be bothered to cook it at home myself), because as far as I was aware, there was no such thing as Kolo Mee in Melbourne! That is, until today.

Gee news travel fast! Kitchen Inn @ 469 Elizabeth St, Melbourne was just opened last week. Already, news about this new restaurant offering popular Sarawak cuisine e.g. Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa and Kampua Mee in Melbourne has spread across the Social Media scene. As soon as I was alerted to "go and do quality control" at Kitchen Inn, I immediately organised to drive up to the city pretty much the next day to try it out! After all, I am a true Sarawakian, born and raised there, and I have had many, many bowls of authentic Kolo Mee to be able to tell everyone else if Kitchen Inn's version is any good!!

We arrived at Kitchen Inn nice and early, before the lunchtime rush (it does get really busy at lunch time and sometimes people have to queue up and wait a while before getting a table!) but thankfully because we arrived just after 11am we got a table inside immediately.

Kolo Mee
We ordered 4 different dishes to try out, and I can already tell everybody this... don't bother ordering anything else, just ENJOY THE KOLO MEE because IT IS AWESOME. Don't bother ordering the "Kolo Mee Special" just order the regular Kolo Mee because you don't need to pay the extra $2.50 for just 3 extra prawns on top of the noodles. All you need is the BBQ pork and minced meat because that is all it takes to make this Sarawak noodle dish amazing. The noodles are not the exact type of noodles we would get back in Sarawak, they are not thin and curly, but they are good quality handmade noodles that have been tossed really well with the sauces and oils that make it so yummy. It was the perfect amount of "oiliness" not too oily, not too dry, and the right amount of sweet and salty which makes the Kolo Mee so unique. It really did make me forget I was in Melbourne for one split second! I was eating KOLO MEE!! It was so good, I decided to get some takeaway so I can stock them up in my freezer and get my fix later during the week without taking the long trip into the city, hehe.

Sarawak Laksa
We also ordered the Sarawak Laksa. I am not crazy about laksa like most people are, but because my sister was with me we ordered the laksa so she can be the main judge. The flavours were definitely there, and you can definitely taste the authentic Sarawak laksa flavours in this dish, but it just had too much coconut milk which made the soup taste too "milky" and less "punchy".

Penang Char Kuay Teow
The Char Kuay Teow was really not bad, it had all the right flavours and you can definitely taste the smoky flavours that comes from frying them on a really, really hot wok and there was even a little spicy "kick" to it. I have to admit because the noodles were a bit smaller than usual (I am used to the wider flat rice noodles that still retain a firm-ish texture) these noodles were a bit too soft and lacked the texture that "real" Kuay Teow should have. Oh well, it was still tasty nevertheless!

Bak Kut Teh
Finally, the Bak Kut Teh. It was alright... the meat wasn't soft enough, it definitely could've been boiling for a lot longer to make the meat super soft, melt in your mouth, and fall off the bone. The soup, had all the right flavours but not enough "punch" to it. If I am being honest, I still prefer the Bak Kut Teh from Coconut House just minutes down the road!

Reality is, this is Melbourne. We are not in Malaysia, and therefore we cannot expect 100% authentic Malaysian food. No matter where you go, it can never be exactly the same as it is back home. We use different fresh produce here, different ingredients, and majority of the local cuisines have been tweaked slightly to be able to cater to more Western tastebuds.

To me, this is as good as it gets (so far) if you are craving a Kolo Mee fix. I am definitely coming back for more Kolo Mee. Won't bother with other dishes next time, just bowls and bowls of Kolo Mee for me and my hubby please :)

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Chilli 'n' Chive Thai Restaurant & Tapas, Beaconsfield

A few weeks ago, hubby and I went to Chilli 'n' Chive Thai Restaurant in Beaconsfield for a friend's birthday dinner. We've never been to this restaurant neither did we even know of its existence! Turns out we've been missing out... it is quite a good Thai restaurant with a lovely restaurant atmosphere and great food. It was the perfect place to have friends come together for a meal, also a cosy place for couples to have their weekly (or monthly.. or yearly? Lol) date night.

Looking through the menu they have split the items into Small, Medium and Large meals, which I thought was pretty clever so people could decide what to have based on how hungry they were at the time. I wasn't too hungry, so I definitely wasn't interested in a full on large main meal. I did, however want to try a couple of different things. So I ordered a Small meal as well as a Medium.

Son-In-Law Eggs $10
For my entree, I had the famous Son-In-Law Eggs - soft boiled eggs then fried until crisp, with tamarind sauce, fried shallots and chillis.

The eggs were cooked beautifully, the way it should be. The yolk was still soft and gooey and even the egg whites stayed soft textured so combine that with its crisp outer layer, you get perfect son-in-law eggs. I wasn't a huge fan of the tamarind sauce though, I thought it was way too sweet for my liking, but that's just how Thai cuisine can be sometimes. They are a lot sweeter than other South East Asian cuisines.

Roast Duck and Lychee Salad $19
For my Medium main course, I had the Roast Duck and Lychee Salad with Ginger, Red Onion and Peanuts. It was a very interesting salad. I love roast duck, and I love lychees, but I've never had them together! Especially when combined with the strong flavours of ginger and red onion... and then suddenly BAM! Peanuts! It was a weird concoction... but I wanted to give it a try. In the end I found I really enjoyed it, but I ended up eating most of the components in this salad separately anyway. The roast duck and lychee combination was great, but it was too weird with ginger and red onion. I just wasn't sure.. and again, the salad dressing tasted too sweet! Was it just me? Maybe I'm just not a big fan of sweet savoury dishes. Savoury to me is meant to be salty, maybe a hint of sweet is great when coupled with a bit of acid (sour e.g. tomatoes, lemon, etc) but too much sweet and too much salty is just too weird for me.

In saying that, that duck was delicious and I love lychee so I ate most of the salads anyway.

Hubby had the Chicken Green Curry which was a very generous portion served with rice. They weren't kidding when they categorised the curries as a Large main meal! It was a great green curry, full of flavours and deliciously creamy. Perfect for when you're extra hungry!

Pad See Ew $18.90
Finally, my friend who sat next to me had the Pad See Ew - thick rice noodles with chinese brocolli and bean shoots - and I had a little taste and I am definitely ordering this one the next time I come back here! It was like a Thai version of the Malaysian Char Kuay Teow, very different yet similar because of the thick rice noodles used in this dish. I absolutely LOVED the flavours in this stirfry, loved the fact that the rice noodles have stayed intact and have not gone all mushy, loved the fact that I can have this and not feel guilty about not eating enough veggies because it is loaded with greens, LOVE the fact that they use Asian greens instead of western brocolli, carrots, etc. Love the peanutty flavour and the slight charcoal flavour from stirfrying it in a hot wok. Look forward to going back just to have a big plate of this and another serving of Son-In-Law eggs, hehe.

So overall, this restaurant definitely will go on my list of regulars (not that we go out that often) but we will definitely consider coming here again the next time we plan to dine out.

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PappaRich Malaysian Restaurant @ Chadstone

Beef and Chicken Satay
PappaRich is a very popular restaurant chain in Malaysia.. it is literally everywhere, in almost every shopping centre and I have been there many times when I'm not out eating at the hawkers stalls in Kuala Lumpur. So recently, when PappaRich just popped up in Chadstone Shopping Centre, a place I loveeee to hang out especially now that I no longer work full time and have the luxury to shop during the week, I was just so excited I had to go get my authentic Malaysian food fix!

I went there for the second time today. If I had anything bad to say about PappaRich, there is only one major problem - I want to eat EVERYTHING on the menu! Deciding what to order is a huge challenge, especially since everything in the menu looks and sounds so good! The food that came out wasn't disappointing either, it was very authentically Malaysian and true to its reputation.

I always have and always will order a serve of their satay skewers, they were cooked perfectly with lots of flavour and the peanut sauce is delicious. I like to order the Mixed Satay Plate, which has both Beef and Chicken Satay. If I ever had to choose, I'd probably go Chicken, as they are a lot more tender and less chewy. The beef is still excellent, just a bit tougher therefore requires more chewing.

Pappa Wat Tan Hor
For my mains, after serious consideration, I decided to order the Pappa Wat Tan Hor. What an excellent choice that was! It was everything I ever wanted in a Hor Fun, the egg gravy was deliciously flavoursome and the flat noodles were nicely separated so they had a great texture to them. It was the perfect dish for me as today was a little bit chilly. Next time I'll be sure to try their Nasi Lemak. Last time I went I had the Roti Canai which was delicious, but I didn't like the Tandoori Chicken, I felt it was too dry.

Banana Fritters with Vanilla Ice Cream
Finally for dessert, I had the Banana Fritters with Ice Cream and they were the perfect finish to my meal! The banana fritters were perfect for two reasons: 1) The banana itself is nice and very ripe, which made it sweet and soft, yummy! 2) The batter is deliciously crunchy and had great flavour. Together with the ice cream, it was delightful!

There's really not much more I can say.... PappaRich is a true Malaysian restaurant and this review is nice and short because I had a nice and simple lunch. If I were to go with a group of people and we were able to share the meals, I'd probably have a lot more to say.

For now, just stay tuned because you will probably see a lot more PappaRich dishes being added to this blog post as I plan to go back again and again and again... until I've tried everything else. Seriously, I want to eat the Hainanese Chicken, Prawn Mee, Ipoh Kuay Teow, Asam Laksa, Special Briyani with Fried Chicken, Nasi Lemak Special, MORE Satay, MORE Roti and the list goes on and on... I am salivating just thinking about it and I've just come back from lunch!

Edit 2/10/2012: Yes I have gone back today and this time I had the Pappa Mee (Mee Goreng) which was everything a mee goreng should be. It was pretty authentic and true to the real Malaysian Mee Goreng, atwith the lime (gotta have the lime!) and the right noodles, it's fried dry not soggy, and has all the right mix of seafood, tomatoes, and tofu. What I didn't get was why were there cubed potatoes in my mee goreng? Totally unnecessary considering tofu was there too for the "starchy" texture.

Nasi Briyani Special with Fried Chicken and Sambal Prawns
Ipoh Kuay Teow Soup
Hainanese Steamed Chicken
Roti Canai
Edit 24/10/2012: Yes, back at PappaRich today and this time I went with my sister who is in town visiting me from Malaysia. She had the Nasi Briyani Special with Fried Chicken and Sambal Prawns and she was quite happy with the authenticity of the food here at PappaRich. Pretty much 100% exactly like what you would get if you were eating at PappaRich in Kuala Lumpur, according to her.

I ordered the Ipoh Kuay Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken, I got the best of both worlds. Craved soupy noodles for a while now and I got it. It was a good broth but the kuay teow's too thin and too soggy but still not bad. I would've preferred the original wider and slightly thicker kuay teow for the texture. The steamed chicken was good too, but the soy sauce tasted a bit too sweet. Still delicious though, it was steamed just right and the chicken was nice and soft.

My 10-month old son ate pretty much most of the Roti Canai. He loved it! Probably because the roti tasted sweet. He loves anything sweet, lol. Loved the sambal that came with the Roti (no, I did not give my son any spicy sambal haha) it was quite spicy the way I always like it.

Anyway, you can check out PappaRich's amazing menu here and drool all over it yourself...

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