Homemade Fried Chicken

I must admit I have this huge food weakness... fried chicken. It is one of my favorite sinful food indulgence. I love KFC and I love Southern Fried Chicken from the takeaway shops. I also love my "secret recipe" homemade fried chicken except I hate deep frying at home because my kitchen feels rather greasy afterwards and cleaning is a pain.

Either way, I love fried chicken and I just thought I'd share that. Sorry I can't share my "secret recipe" homemade fried chicken... lol sorry for being a tease with this blog post ;)


  1. You don't just blog and say that you cooked fried chicken and finish it off by saying that it's secret recipe.


  2. Hehee, I made fried chicken recently - it was SO good. And I didn't tease people, I shared my recipe. You tease. ;)

  3. I totally appreciate with the advices that has been given in this post. Thanks for sharing it. I am sure it will help lot of peoples