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Kimberly Peterson, also lovingly called Kimba, is a native of Melbourne, Australia. She has been blogging since 2010 since she delights in writing and sharing her thoughts and ideas with others. Aside from Kimba’s Kitchen, she also hosts and writes her other blogs namely Kimba’s pride and Kimba’s Photography. She is a foodie with insatiable cravings for her tummy and she cannot wait to share all her cool finds with you. Inspired by the brilliant cooking prowess of her mother and grandmother who have Asian ancestry, she is on a quest to seek stomach delights in every restaurant, grocery, hole in the wall, or street. She also loves spending time in their family kitchen and cook all-time favorites or experiment on different recipes based on what she had experienced in her travels and food adventures.

Kimba also developed a passion for photography as she was inspired by the sights around her hometown. She wants to capture everyday objects in a different light and she wants you to see the beauty in all of God’s creations. She shares all her works and portfolio in Kimba’s Photography so we highly suggest you check out her other blog.

Kimba also realized that there are so many other things she could do. Her abilities and talents are not limited to the kitchen and photography. She is also into arts and crafts and loves to make do-it-yourself projects for their home or gifts to her loved ones. Being practical and artistic by nature, Kimba is able to create beautiful pieces of jewelry and decorations that she could truly be proud of.
Kimba is the youngest daughter among three siblings. She graduated with a degree in Psychology but she admits that her passion is in the arts and foodstuff. She has recently started her own family but still prefers to live near her parents’ house.

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