In line with my self-declared Filipino dishes appreciation week, I will be reviewing this famous fast food giant in the Philippines. There is a branch that is about to open in Sydney and Kimba’s Kitchen was invited to sample the products from their menu and make a review. Aside from being a sure hit from the growing Filipino community in Sydney and nearby areas, they wanted to see how the Australian market will respond to this Filipino style of fast food.

Jollibee is well-loved in the Philippines for their crispy fried chicken and gravy, hamburgers, spaghetti, and palabok. I was so excited to try them all so I lined up along with my fellow food bloggers and waited for our turn to be served with these items from their menu.

Here is the verdict. Jollibee did not disappoint and would be a sure hit also for Australian kids and families. Their chickenjoy or crispy fried chicken tastes so good and has a unique taste that is different from other fried chickens being offered in fast foods here in Australia. The skin is so crispy but the meat is very juicy. The gravy complements its taste very well. Their spaghetti was on the sweet side. It is very meaty with lots of ham and hotdogs on the sauce. The melting cheese on top is perfect to balance the sweet sauce. The noodles were cooked al dente. The palabok is made of thin transparent noodles and covered with orange shrimp sauce. Its toppings include shrimps, pork, boiled eggs, and crushed pork cracklings. This is definitely uniquely Filipino and I love its salty and delicious taste in contrast to their sweet spaghetti. Their burgers also taste uniquely Filipino. It is both juicy and delectable to the palate. You can choose to have them on rice covered with their mushroom sauce or with their sesame seed buns served with fresh tomatoes, crispy lettuce, and creamy cheese sauce.

Australia is waiting for you, Jollibee! We cannot wait to have you around for good.

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